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a little music video with Mckenzie Morales, Lady Gaga, and Versace  

"Sister" Twister 

"Sister" Twister 

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the Sophia tribute video banned from YouTube 

Apr 9
Peyton in “Sisters” 

Peyton in “Sisters” 

Apr 5

I love the soundtrack on this vdeo and Grecia Cruz is so suavemente in “Not Myself Tonight” 

Apr 3



Mary Joy Bell - from Club Dance Studio in Mesa, AZ - performs her jazz solo "Spell On You" at The Dance Awards 2013 finals in New York City 

I would like to correct this I’m sorry. Club dance is in queen creek Arizona. I live right down the street from it.

I see. The Club Dance web page lists this address: 8743 E Pecos Rd, Mesa, AZ 85212

Autumn Miller performs her solo “Hot Note" at The Countdown (2011)

singer - Tammy Tappan Damiano 

Mather Dance Company mini-dancer Madison Smith performs her solo  ”Honeymoon Is Over" at The Countdown 2011. 

Music by Michie One and Louchie Lou, a London-based reggae/soul duo.  

could you please give us a shout out? we are a new little dancers diy :)

I do not know what a DIY is but, hey, maybe you could enlighten me.

I do like The Rage studio and I saw them live last season at Showbiz. 

Do you have Gabby Robinson: I'm Cute - The Remix?


I do not have Gabby’s solo. 

Where are you getting all those old video of MCD? They are adorable, thanks for posting them! (btw, I can't believe how much Madison Smith has improved in only a couple of years!)


I received two DVDs: one has all the MDC groups of 4 or more dancers and the other has a 5 solos and 2 trios. 

Shannon Mather's “California Gurls" mini small group jazz ensemble performs at the 2011 Countdown competition. 

Dancers: Autumn Miller, Melia Mariano, Alexis Genest, Kayla Shen, Jessie Presch, Sarah Shepherd