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full video of Asia's lion tamer performance at World of Dance, as featured on “Raising Asia,"Lifetime Channel”s new series about the lifestyle of Asia Monet Ray

I’m Still Hot" junior jazz small group from The Dance Spot at KAR Riverside, choreography by Diedre Madrigal 

first Junior Miss Perfect video to achieve 1 million views 

Sophia Lucia's “Titanium

Got a nice comment today from Mia Riley and her mom Janell on this video from the 2013 HoF regional in Ontario CA. 

Lots of new Mia Riley postings at …

THROWBACK THURSDAY - 2011 mini small group champions “California Gurls" at the Countdown regional

Hi Claire. Where Are The Summer Spectacular Videos From?


That video is on my friend Lillian’s channel Dancers Videos

Talia Seitel - junior with Murietta Dance Project, Murietta CA - takes 3rd overall at Jump Las Vegas with her contemporary solo “Youth.” 

The music is taken from “The Wild Youth EP" by English rock band Daughter, vocals by Elena Tonra.

How do you get the videos you share on your YouTube channel?


Beg, borrow, steal, or purchase the best available video and audio portions and then carefully integrate them with Sony Software’s Movie Studio.  

Where do you find the dance videos you upload on YouTube?

The videos come from various sources: some are provided by the dancers, some copied, some purchased. Then I fix them up with video adjustment controls, remaster their audio tracks, tag and render them, upload, annotate, and release. 

Can you post Talia's Youth solo?


/ should be OK now that the season is over /


Analy Aguirre, Raven Alanes, Mary Joy Bell, Jamieson Deacy, Jordan Demary, Quinn Di Cristina, Cassidy Douglas, Elise Douglas, McKenna Douglas, Aubrey Dryden, Kendyl Fay, Ellisyn Granda, Gracie Haschak, Olivia Haschak, Aubrie Heyer, Hayley Houghton, Madison Johnston, Alexa Jozuka, Penelope Kalamras, Addison Kapper, Caroline Kapper, Lauren Kettering, Makenzi Lauritzen, Emily Madden, Kiana Mariano, Melia Mariano, Kylie McMahon, Hailey Meyers, Keely Meyers, Gavin Morales, McKenzie Morales, Kayla Murray, Keara Nichols, Audrey Price, Devin Ramirez,Mia Riley, Zoe Rossi, Brooke Shaw, Lauren Shaw, Rylie Shaw, Laila Shpigler, Kylie Silagii, Chloe Solinger, Samantha Vivo, Cameron Weinstein, Calysta Westlake, Amber Youngman

Cruising Chicago

Cruising Chicago

Jul 9

Hall of Fame national title runner-up Grecia Cruz rocks KAR regionals with her lively jazz solo set to Britney Spears’ “Work

Grecia was recently accepted by Orange County School of the Arts.

Jul 8

Dance Precisions’ Molly Long’s 2014 jazz ensemble “Make The World Move” in HD with enhanced stereo soundtrack. Does it get any better than this? 

Dancers: Ava Siniscalchi, Bailey Sok, Kaylee Quinn, Peyton Heitz, Brianna Racewicz, Gwen Choi, Zoe Rossi

Jul 7

1st overall - “Route 66" mini dancer trio from Precision Dance Center in Delano CA takes the top spot in the Performance Division at Showstopper Anaheim with the only Double Platinum score in the division 

Dancers: Alexia Nagatani, Aliya Nagatani, Mailee Francisco