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16 year old Jessica Richens performs her solo “Dance For You" at the 2012 Hall of Fame regional contest in Ontario, California, using the song by Beyoncé


Jessica Richens and Blake McGrath steamy duo “Go" suddenly getting a lot of attention … 

Autumn? No, it’s Claudia. Claudia Marie Froenicke. See, it’s not always about top-tier studios and winning nationals. Claudia taught herself to dance watching her inspirations Autumn Miller and Sophia Lucia on YouTube. And here she is performing to Katy Perry's “Pearl" at a recital, just for fun.

Brooklyn Slade's 2014 “Memory" lyrical, 1st overall junior solo, Bedazzled dance competition, Niagara Falls, Canada

Emmy Cheung, West Coast School of the Arts, ties for 1st overall Competitive Division junior soloist (with Taylor Nunez, WCSA) at Showstopper Anaheim II using Ellie Goulding's cover of “Your Song

Taylor Nunez, West Coast School of the Arts, ties for 1st overall Competitive Division junior soloist with her lyrical “Anymore" sung by Emmy Rossum

Amber Youngman, MDC, ties for 2nd overall Competitive Division junior soloist using “Let Me In" by Gabrielle Aplin.

Allie Antoyan, WCSA, presents her jazz solo based on Rochelle Diamante's “Queen Bee" and ties Amber Youngman, MDC, for 2nd overall Competitive Division junior soloist at Showstopper Anaheim II 

Joy Bergman, Precision Dance Center, Delano CA

Paper Skin" by Kendall Payne

1st overall advanced division junior soloist, Sloane Saludares, Studio 31,  performs her lyrical “I Will Be"  - music by Christina Aguilera 

Tears of an Angel" mini large group lyrical by Dancers Edge studio - Crystal Award score, 2nd place overall, competitive division

☆ Dancers ☆ Anastyn McVay, Bryann Block, Campbell Crites, Carys Whitfield, Madeline Lew, Layne Harris, Madilyn Pedersen,  Kalea Oliveira, Melina Soriano, Kaliyah Souksavath, Jasmine Souksavath, Kaeli Tripp, Sarah Wilkenson

Dancers Edge studio:

Their music is the Amy Guess cover of “Tears of an Angel" by RyanDan. Visit Amy’s channel at:

Oh my god thank you for posting Dancers Edge! They were the first studio I watched like 5 years ago but nobody seems to know them anymore.


YW I like this kind of act and they did a great job on it, I think. 

Sassy mini large group “Fashion" from The Dancer’s Edge studio in Vasalia, California, earns a Crystal Award score and makes Top 10 overall in the Competitive Division at Showstopper 2014 Anaheim II

☆ Dancers ☆ Carys Whitfield, Kaeli Tripp, Anastyn McVay, Bryann Block, Campbell Crites, Jasmine Souksavath, Kalea Oliveira, Layne Harris, Madeline Lew, Madilyn Pedersen, Melina Soriano, Kaliyah Souksavath

Aug 9

West Coast School of the Arts mini large group “Bathing Beauty" makes top 5 overall in the Competitive Division of their Showstopper regional with this number based on music from Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical “Love Never Dies"

Dancers: Maya Coyne, Kennedy Cortez, Ally Cheung, Camille Rivera, Bella Do, Ashley Berdelis, Gabi D’Ambra, Makena Angus, Ava Kendall, Alexa Kreider, Aleah Doone, Allie Antoyan, Brooke Shaw, Makaela Jarnagin, Cassidy Donaho, Leila Meghdadi, Taylor Nunez, Ella Sheppard

Aug 6

FIRST OVERALL Competitive Division mini small group regional champions “Swallow” by West Coast School of the Arts in Costa Mesa, California.

☆ Dancers ☆  Ally Cheung, Emmy Cheung, Bella Do, Aleah Doone, Makaela Jarnagin, Ava Kendall, Brooke Shaw

Their music is a cut of “She Is Like The Swallow” by Lucia Micarelli ft. Leigh Nash.